Time Management Mastery For Busy People / Chapter 4

Chapter 4


Here are a couple tips on goal setting that I’ve found out over the years. I’ve only included the matters that I’ve found from experience that have worked for me.

Go For It

The association of goal setting to time management is pretty aboveboard: If you don’t set and reach for goals, you’re going to work at stuff that doesn’t serve you, thereby languishing your time. (Naturally, we all work at stuff that doesn’t help us from time to time, but people who have no goals do much more of it.)

Among the most sensible things I’ve ever heard about goals is that merely the act of setting a goal provides you a fresh lens to view life through, and that this fresh lens will assist you in accomplishing the goal. You’ll discover opportunities that you’d never have come across otherwise.

Individuals of different professions would view the same crowd of individuals; however an optometrist would likely more notice the individuals in the crowd who were wearing glasses than would the line backer who’d likely more note the individuals who were athletically built. When you set a goal, you’ll begin seeing chances to make it occur.

Getting moving
One handy way of producing your list of goals is to fill in the blanks below the following categories:

  • What you wish to BE
  • What you wish to Accomplish
  • What you wish to HAVE
  • What you wish to GIVE
  • What you don’t wish to BE, Accomplish, HAVE, and GIVE

While you’re brainstorming in these classes, you’ll need to make certain you consider subcategories of concern to you. Ones that individuals frequently utilize are:

  • Personal
  • Loved ones
  • Spiritual
  • Professional
  • Fiscal

This is simply a proposed list to get you thinking.

The Brainstorming procedure:
When you’re brainstorming what to accomplish/be/have/give, think about what you’d do if you had no restrictions:
For instance, what if income and health weren’t obstructions for you? Likewise, consider the individuals you like and what it is that they have, accomplish, and are that you wish to emulate. You may even wish to ask one of these individuals to be your mentor, to help you think through these fields (at any rate partly), and to tell you what he/she has discovered to be effective for them.

You’ll need to provide yourself a peaceful environment so you are able to really brainstorm. And, you do need to brainstorm, which implies: you write it all down, and you cast aside nothing, regardless how laughable it appears. When you attempt to mix brainstorming and practicality, you always lose the advantage of brainstorming.

You’ll get time later to be pragmatic with your list. Sometime during this brainstorming drill, you should envision your funeral. What would be stated about you if it was held now, and how does that disagree from what you truly wish to be said about you? Did you leave your loved ones with a financial situation that you truly wish them to have? From my own experience, I must unhappily suggest that you likewise envision the funeral of your dearest family. You might think you’re being as good to your loved ones as you are able to be, but I promise you that you’ll wish you had accomplished far more for them if you lose one of them.

When you’ve brainstormed your list of goals (which you might wish to do over the course of a few days or weeks), then you are able to comb out the ones that just don’t add up. One way of reducing the list is to ask why do I wish this and what good will it truly do. When you discover a goal that doesn’t have a great answer to this question, you’ve discovered a goal you are able to toss.

Likewise you should consider how to prioritize your goals, at any rate to the point of which ones you wish to work at 1st. You are able to prioritize them by region (Personal, loved ones, Spiritual, Professional, Financial, so forth), with every area having a Priority 1 and a 2 and … Or, you are able to prioritize them absolutely, without regard for field, as 1 through 109 (or whatever). Note that priorities are likely to shift as your life conditions shift.

Then, it’s time to knuckle down to turn the list into activity steps. Choose which goals are to be long-run goals and which are to be short-run and which fall someplace in between. Then, beginning with your short-run goals, envision what it will take for you to achieve the goal. This will help you in breaking the goal down to steps. Naturally, you likewise have to set deadlines for each of these goals (and steps).

If any of your goals turn to making a shift of habit, you ought to note that many researchers have discovered that it requires about twenty-one days to shift a habit. You’ll need to factor this into your planning. Likewise, when shifting a habit, you’ll require discovering ways to give yourself favorable reinforcement for making alterations.

Lastly, you should have your key goals in front of you on a steady basis. You ought to view them at least weekly to see to it you’re making progress and to see if you have to change your plans in anyway.

As far as software for goals, I’ve been told that Target-Assistant for the Palm platform is good, but haven’t tried it out. Personally, I’m not truly keen on utilizing a PDA for goal setting, as I believe you should utilize something that “frees” your thinking process, like mind-mapping or blank pieces of paper or whatever you feel helps to open your creativity. A PDA is good for carrying around a document that has your settled goals in it (a Word document or a spreadsheet, for instance), but it’s likely not the best thing for goal formulation.

If you require more help with goals than was provided above, there are many books on goal setting that you might want to think about. If you’ve tried hard at goal setting previously and just haven’t done well with it, you might even wish to consider taking a seminar.

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