The Easy Way to Profit from Private Label Rights Material Chapter 8

Chapter Eight: Blogs and Private Label Rights

Private label rights are useful when they are combined with blogs. A blog can generate traffic through the promotion of materials such as graphics and articles which relate to the niche market.

WordPress is a forum for bloggers as well as small business owners seeking to grow their company through this versatile platform. There is a blogging platform and a Content Management System. Basically, WordPress can provide blogging solutions as well as an entire content system for any e-commerce website. A blog is an internet location where you can record your opinions or information about your company on a regular basis.

It is important to have one because of the growing trend in internet marketing types. WordPress allows you to combine posts and pages so that you generate content on your website. You can display posts ion a chronological order, generally used for blogs. You can use the pages for static content pages. You can build a site with only pages or you can combine the pages with the posts. You can use a self-hosted version of WordPress or a hosted version of WordPress. The self-hosted page is through

You download WordPress and then you can make it public through your own domain name and hosting server. This is generally where you can find community support as well as themes and plug-ins. If you are not, then you sign up for your blog just like any other social networking site, with your basic information, then you confirm with an email. Once that is done, you get to the fun part where you can set up your blog, like a profile on a social network. There are various tools and features meant for you to explore which will customize your blog. There is also a support tab on the upper right hand corner of the screen which can help you at any time. This will bring you to a forum where questions can be posed or to online help sections. It’s really fun and simple.

You can use WordPress for squeeze pages, membership sites, landing sales pages, e-commerce, blogs, news sites, business sites, magazine sites, as well as portfolio sites and multimedia sites. It is a good idea for any business to have a blog on WordPress because it is free for them and allows a forum where they can communicate constantly with people, get ideas, and post information. The self-hosted WordPress is nice because you have control over the content, the appearance of your site, as well as the advertising. You can upload your own themes, plug-ins and change anything you want with the code. However, you do have to pay for your own hosting, you must be tech-savvy, you must control spam, and you must upgrade your software.

If you select the hosted version of WordPress, then all of the tech hassle is taken care of for you. There is no cost to you and it’s simple to set up. Your posts are all backed up, you can additional traffic from “blogs of the day” and your site runs less of a risk of going down. However, you do not have any control, you cannot upload your own plugins and you have access to a limited amount of themes. The best theme really depends on what you want and what your company offers. There are many from which to choose, and the best one should be compatible with your services and products. If you are using the self-hosted WordPress then you can upload your own themes, offering a wider selection.

You should definitely include video blogging. Of course many people are unfamiliar and uncomfortable with the idea of posting videos, but a blog is meant to connect you with other people, and what better way to connect with someone than through a video blog. Of course text, video, and audio are all great media methods, but video will generate the most views and results. Instead of listening to the radio host every day, they get to meet them. It is a great way for your readers to get to meet you. It might be scary at first but the more you try it, the better you will get and the more comfortable you will get and it will help you make money writing online.

Table of Contents:


Chapter One: Defining Private Label Rights

Chapter Two: Origins

Chapter Three: How to Use It

Chapter Four: Affiliate Marketing and Private Label Rights

Chapter Five: Pay-Per-Click

Chapter Six: SEO

Chapter Seven: Email Marketing

Chapter Eight: Blogs and Private Label Rights

Chapter Nine: Video Marketing and Private Label Rights

Chapter Ten: Social Networks and Private Label Rights

Chapter Eleven: Niche Markets and Private Label Rights

Chapter Twelve: Internet Marketing and Private Label Rights

Chapter Thirteen: Regulations

Chapter Fourteen: Analyzing Business Cycles

Chapter Fifteen: How Individuals Affect and Impact Distribution

Chapter Sixteen: Components of Private Label Rights in Economic Growth

Chapter Seventeen: How Technology Relates to Growth

Chapter Eighteen: How Trade Relates to Growth

Chapter Nineteen: The Functions of Money

Chapter Twenty: Ownership and Market Structures

Chapter Twenty-One: Integration into the Global Economy

Chapter Twenty-Two: International Trade

Chapter Twenty-Three: Technology and Human Interaction

Chapter Twenty-Four: Making Money

Chapter Twenty-Five: Articles & Blogs

Chapter Twenty-Six: E-books

Chapter Twenty-Seven: Warnings

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