The Easy Way to Profit from Private Label Rights Material Chapter 14

Chapter Fourteen: Analyzing Business Cycles

Business cycles are the recurring contractions and/or expansions of any national economy. (This is most often measured through the GDP). Cycles will vary in length and can last up to ten years or longer. There are always some distinctive phases that economists use to recognize where any particular economy is in the process or cycle. These phases include expansion, peak, contraction and trough.

It is not difficult to understand where any particular economy is in its individual cycle because there are some common occurrences frequently connected to the phases. For instance, inflation is a common event during an expansion, and unemployment tends to rise during any period of contraction.

How is the business cycle actually measured? You apply the items you learned about in the previous section: the unemployment rate, the GDP, and the rate of inflation. For instance, the GDP that has increased since the previous year, along with the increasing rate of inflation is usually indicative of an expanding business cycle.

Table of Contents:


Chapter One: Defining Private Label Rights

Chapter Two: Origins

Chapter Three: How to Use It

Chapter Four: Affiliate Marketing and Private Label Rights

Chapter Five: Pay-Per-Click

Chapter Six: SEO

Chapter Seven: Email Marketing

Chapter Eight: Blogs and Private Label Rights

Chapter Nine: Video Marketing and Private Label Rights

Chapter Ten: Social Networks and Private Label Rights

Chapter Eleven: Niche Markets and Private Label Rights

Chapter Twelve: Internet Marketing and Private Label Rights

Chapter Thirteen: Regulations

Chapter Fourteen: Analyzing Business Cycles

Chapter Fifteen: How Individuals Affect and Impact Distribution

Chapter Sixteen: Components of Private Label Rights in Economic Growth

Chapter Seventeen: How Technology Relates to Growth

Chapter Eighteen: How Trade Relates to Growth

Chapter Nineteen: The Functions of Money

Chapter Twenty: Ownership and Market Structures

Chapter Twenty-One: Integration into the Global Economy

Chapter Twenty-Two: International Trade

Chapter Twenty-Three: Technology and Human Interaction

Chapter Twenty-Four: Making Money

Chapter Twenty-Five: Articles & Blogs

Chapter Twenty-Six: E-books

Chapter Twenty-Seven: Warnings

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