The Easy Way to Profit from Private Label Rights Material Chapter 10

Chapter Ten: Social Networks and Private Label Rights

Twitter allows the entrepreneur to form a real relationship with their followers including their colleagues, friends, customers, and future prospects. A Twitter account does not require that the entrepreneur pitch to their customers and prospects each day, all day, or maintain care of an account like Facebook. Instead it provides the opportunity to share which articles are being read, likes, dislikes, and what is happening with the company. It keeps the reader’s interest because the phrase is short and to the point. Twitter is also useful because you do not have to check the page each second. The site provides desktop applications which are adept to Windows, Linux, or Macs such as Tweetdeck. This allows the entrepreneur to divide their followers into groups and closely maintain Tweets from those whom they want to follow more closely.

The best way to market your services and products on Facebook is by using everything Facebook has to offer. This includes updating your status to include new information related to your services and products, and creating pages and groups in support of your services and products.

People find many of the new applications that Facebook is offering appalling. There are applications now which allow users to follow a complete history between two mutual friends. This includes any pictures of the two of them, their wall posts, any updates or notes or videos in which they are tagged, and their relationship status. While this might seem shocking, it was only developed to keep up with what users were doing already. People would spend hours stalking two mutual parties, or a single mutual party, looking for things upon which they commented and not being able to make easy money. First recent activity was only listed on the profile of the individual so if someone wanted to know what their friend was doing, they would look at their profile and go over the recent activity.

This evolved into a “newsfeed” which updates users as soon as they log on with what their top friends are doing, constantly refreshing and providing more details. Individual users could erase the recent activity from their own profile, but it would still pop up at random on the newsfeed of others. The details began as things such as “commented on John Smith’s photo” and now include “said, ‘that is a nice bike that you have, I wish…’ on John Smith’s photo”. With more detail, it is impossible to hide which activities are viewed by others and keeps people preoccupied with things aside

You can use Tweeter to start making money with your natural Twitter account. Instead of placing normal tweets about what you do, you can place sponsored tweets. The advertisers look over the offers which they receive and then select which ones work best for their price and marketing. At this point the selected Tweeters will receive the offer as well as the payment and at that point they begin posting the sponsored ads on their sites in accordance with the agreement and guidelines that the advertisers outlines.

The process for evaluating how well social marketing is working is the same as any other endeavor which you undertake. If you are putting in all time and money and not receiving anything or making any money, then you should try a different approach.

You can link a Twitter account to a Facebook group so that customers are directed from your company site to the Twitter updates you have. This creates additional traffic between different accounts and customers, widening the array of visitors and what you can market.

Generally, too much time depends on your company. If you only work online, then you should spend more time focusing on social marketing. If you work in a physical location, then you should create a good balance between social marketing, internet marketing, and maintaining great relationships with customers and partners.

Once you have purchase private label rights to content, you can link the content as part of a members-only newsletter or a supplemental offer through promotion on social networks, thus generating additional traffic and additional income for you.

Table of Contents:


Chapter One: Defining Private Label Rights

Chapter Two: Origins

Chapter Three: How to Use It

Chapter Four: Affiliate Marketing and Private Label Rights

Chapter Five: Pay-Per-Click

Chapter Six: SEO

Chapter Seven: Email Marketing

Chapter Eight: Blogs and Private Label Rights

Chapter Nine: Video Marketing and Private Label Rights

Chapter Ten: Social Networks and Private Label Rights

Chapter Eleven: Niche Markets and Private Label Rights

Chapter Twelve: Internet Marketing and Private Label Rights

Chapter Thirteen: Regulations

Chapter Fourteen: Analyzing Business Cycles

Chapter Fifteen: How Individuals Affect and Impact Distribution

Chapter Sixteen: Components of Private Label Rights in Economic Growth

Chapter Seventeen: How Technology Relates to Growth

Chapter Eighteen: How Trade Relates to Growth

Chapter Nineteen: The Functions of Money

Chapter Twenty: Ownership and Market Structures

Chapter Twenty-One: Integration into the Global Economy

Chapter Twenty-Two: International Trade

Chapter Twenty-Three: Technology and Human Interaction

Chapter Twenty-Four: Making Money

Chapter Twenty-Five: Articles & Blogs

Chapter Twenty-Six: E-books

Chapter Twenty-Seven: Warnings

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