The Power of the Copywriter / Chapter 5

Chapter 5

The Value Proposition

So far we’ve effectively gained the attention of our readers and gotten them interested. What’s next is that we need to start building that desire and getting them to really want what we have to offer.

And this is where the concept of the ‘value proposition’ becomes very important. So what does this phrase mean?

Basically, value propositions describe the inherent value that comes from a specific product or service. It’s what makes your product more than the sum of its parts so that the value is greater than the amount you spent to make it.

A good, old saying that describes this concept well is:

“You don’t sell hats, you sell warm heads.”

In other words, you aren’t just selling a piece of wool. You’re asking for money in ex-change for a promise that you’ll help to keep the customer warm when they’re out watching the fireworks or when they’re commuting home in the rain.

Likewise, if you have written a fitness ebook then the ‘value’ has nothing to do with the number of words or the beautiful pictures. Instead, the value comes from what that book can do for the reader. In this case, you are offering to make the reader more confident, stronger, healthier, fitter and more attractive to the opposite sex. Now you’re selling a dream.

So how might you pitch this? Generally, it starts by describing the dream and the value and getting the reader to really visualize it and want it.

Imagine what it would be like to feel nothing but confidence when you take off your top. Imagine walking down the beach and knowing that people are turning their heads be-cause your abs look like something from a Men’s Health cover…

And imagine being able to wake up first thing in the morning feeling energetic and ready to take on the day…

What you’re doing now is to sell the ‘dream’ that your product offers and this is a great way to ensure your readers start to get more excited about it and actually get the urge to click that buy button…

More Ways to Create Desire

Another way you can create desire for your product is to encourage your readers to imagine what it would physically be like to own it. You can notice this if you ever watch an Apple or Microsoft representative talking about a new program – they will tend to talk of-ten about the way the product feels and use words like ‘touch’ and ‘premium’. These things make you imagine holding the product, which in turn makes you want it more.

Another clever way to get people to want your product even more is to use social influence. In other words, people want what everyone else has and if they can see that lots of people are using your product, that will make them want it more.

This is something a lot of door-to-door salesmen will use. They’ll often reference ‘Jill down the road’ who just got her new Sky Broadband and is enjoying the fastest speeds in the area! Try creating a sense of buzz and excitement around your product to make it appear ‘in demand’.

The Power of the Copywriter

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The Basics of Good Writing

Chapter 2

How to Get Rid of Typos and Errors Forever

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Grabbing and Holding Attention

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Getting to the Point Quickly for B2B

Chapter 5

The Value Proposition

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Encouraging Action

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