eBook Creation Tips and Tricks / Chapter 17

Chapter 17

The 3 Stages of Launching Your eBook

There are three key stages to launching your eBook – the pre-launch, launch and post launch. Each step is as important as the other, so don’t make the mistake of thinking you need to focus on one area more than another. We will look at each of these stages in detail to help you better understand what to expect and what to do in each of these stages.

The most important thing you are going to do is create a plan. Then after you have created this plan, you need to stick to it. Of course, improving it along the way is always good. If something in your eBook launch changes and now your plan does not make sense or it no longer works, then you will need to make changes. So, a little flexibility is also important. The key is to ensure that you have initially put a plan together so that you are able to measure your success and your activity along the way. It will also help you to identify, when you move from one stage to the next, the tasks at hand.

Let’s start by looking at the pre-launch. This is the stage where you need to begin to create interest for your eBook. You can do this a number of ways. If you have a blog, newsletter, website, etc. you can give your readers and followers a sneak preview of what your eBook is going to be about. You can do this for at least a few weeks prior to launching your eBook. This will create curiosity and your followers will want to see what you have put in your eBook. They’ll look forward to being able to buy it and read it.

The second stage is the launch. This is your big day – the day you’ve been waiting for. This is when you will tell your followers and the world at large about your new book. You’ll want to spread the word using as many channels as possible. Of course, you should never spam anyone! Some of your promotion might be dictated from where you are selling your eBook. Each site, like Amazon, have guidelines and rules related to marketing your eBook if you are selling it on their site. Make sure you are familiar with these guidelines.

Finally, you reach the post launch stage. This is the time for you to take advantage of as many free tools as there is to communicate about your book. You want to engage new readers, find relevant interest groups and ‘work it.’ Make sure the world knows about your book and where to buy it.

No matter what stage you are in, there will be work to be done in order to ensure your eBook is successful.

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