eBook Creation Tips and Tricks / Chapter 16

Chapter 16

5 Top Tips for Publishing Your eBook

You’ve written an eBook and now it is time to publish. Let’s look at 5 top tips for publishing your eBook to ensure you have great success.

#1 Market Research

The easiest way to research your market is to look up similar eBooks and figure out which are actually selling. Look at the cover of the eBook, the title, description, and table of contents of the eBooks that are selling and then see how your eBook fits in. You should consider whatever information you can get your hands on without actually buying the eBook. There is a reason their book is selling. If you can determine what it is, you can ensure your book has similar qualities.

#2 A Good Cover is Important

Too often the cover of an eBook is not given the attention it should. This is likely the most important factor linked to eBook sales. Of course, the bulk of your efforts should lie with your content because ultimately that’s what is going to impress your readers after they buy your book, but the thing is when they are shopping a sharp cover will grab their attention. Having an aesthetically pleasing cover will certainly put you ahead of the competition that has not given their cover adequate attention.

#3 Short Term Goal Setting

Every project needs you to set short and long term goals that are manageable. Set short term goals that can help keep you on track with your eBook writing. This especially important if you do a lot of other writing. Your eBook does not have to be long – 100 pages is often more than adequate. Some books need only half of that. The key is to cover your subject matter well and by setting short term goals it will help you to stay focused and on target.

#4 Schedule Time to Write

This is partially tied to your goal setting. It’s important to make time to sit down and begin to write. Set time aside to hammer out at least a few paragraphs a day and then keep pushing it until you have something created.

#5 Research the Price

How much you charge for the eBook you write will depend on a number of things. The subject matter, how long the book is, how popular you are as a writer, how you rate against other similar eBooks and authors. The majority of eBooks sells for under $10 so take the time to determine how your eBook fits into the equation.

There you have it – five top tips for publishing your eBook. Make sure you use them!

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