eBook Creation Tips and Tricks / Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Editing Mistakes You Should Recognize When You Edit Your eBook

After you have written your eBook you will have to take the time to properly edit it. Unfortunately, there are many editing mistakes that happen, especially during the first solid draft. Sadly, these mistakes can actually ruin your draft.

You likely won’t spend nearly as much time editing as you did writing, this is an important part of your finished product, it’s where your eBook starts to take shape, so don’t skimp on editing time. Editing is the difference between an ‘okay’ book and a ‘professional’ well polished book. Let your eBook be the masterpiece it should be.

#1 Trying to Keep Momentum Flowing

True, you do not want to let momentum falter with your eBook after your first draft is completed, but you also do not want to rush your editing. Sometimes writers will jump immediately into the editing after the draft is done, but the problem is that it can be hard to gain perspective then and as a result you can become frustrated and feel burned out.

It is much better to give your newly finished draft, a resting period of a few days. A week is actually perfect. Only then should you start to edit and review your draft. By doing this you will come to your draft with fresh eye and you will really be able to see what needs to be changed. This gives you a reader’s perspective rather than that of a writer.

#2 Tossing Your Best Work

Many an author who starts to edit their first draft makes terrible mistakes cutting things that they should have left only to figure this out too late. Corrupting or losing a file after working so hard to get the first draft together can also be a problem.

It’s a good idea to save your file with a new version number often. For example, every hour change the file name. MyFirstDraft-1.doc, MyFirstDraft-2.doc, MyFirstDraft-3.doc, etc. You can do this with your additional files as well. For example, when you deem you have a final file, you can call it MyFinal-1.doc – the final is never the final so you can have several versions of this too.

#3 Not Using an Editor

You have been working on your e-book for weeks, even months, so seeing your own mistakes can be difficult, especially for the little things that the mind tends to automatically place for you like missing words. It’s a common mistake of new authors to not realize the value of hiring an editor. They make the mistake of thinking it’s a cost they can’t afford, when really it’s a cost they can’t afford not to have.

Think about hiring an editor to at least review the first few chapters of your eBook as major problems should surface in that amount of time.

Editing is as important as writing so don’t underestimate its value!

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